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Our Values
Our values

Successful businesses depend on satisfied return customers. When someone gets a referral from a source they trust it's much easier to make the sale. We give testimonials whenever we develop a product we can promote. It turns out that we get at least as many referrals from others as we give out. Much of our income comes from referrals from so-called competitors.Cooperation builds trust and creditability;trust and credibility in turn builds sales.

Highly Effective:

The business efficiency factor is designed to measure the “extent to which the national environment encourages enterprises to perform in an innovative, profitable and responsible manner”. We take it into account because high efficiency on production and labour costs will bring great value to us,especially for the fierce competition


With the economic globalization becoming increasingly intensive, innovation has become one of central topic around the world. Many countries see it as the key to develop their economy. Macro-Solar, with no exception, regards it as " the soul of the company." Innovation can attract clients and enhance our sale, which is important to heighten our status in the industry. What’s more, a majority of new products may be avaible through innovation.Owing to such benefits, no wonder more and more factories focus on innotion today.

Good Faith:

Faith in business encourages,nutures and sustains entrepreneurship with our clients.It delivers business support to both sides to reach a faith insurance.Faith in business enables us to play a greater role in economy and strenghen our internal financial&administrative systems,and efficient data collection&management.With good faith,our dream of sustainable development will be fully realised.

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