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08.06.2009 Greece decides upon promotion of photov
Author:Photovoltaik Magazin Published:2009,8.6, Browse: 2480
A new program in Greece is to drive forward the installation of small-scale photovoltaic roof systems. It is to be up and running by December 2019.
The end of last week saw the Greek Development Ministry announce a new program for the promotion of photovoltaic roof systems. These are systems rated at up to ten kilowatt hours on private houses and business buildings.

The approval process for the installation of solar power systems is to be simplified and licenses are to be issued more quickly. The program is to be up and running by December 2019.
Owners of small-scale photovoltaic systems are to first cover their own power requirement. They can then sell the remaining solar power to the public energy provider DIE SA at an inflated price. The ministry is hoping the new program will stimulate the Greek photovoltaic market and increase sales of solar panels, inverters and other accessories. At the beginning of the year, the Greek Parliament adopted a new law to promote solar power. According to this law, the highest in-feed tariff is 50 cents for solar power from systems rated at up to 100 kilowatts installed on the Greek islands. Solar power from larger systems is compensated with 45 cents per kilowatt hour. 5 cents less per kilowatt hour is paid for systems on the mainland. A degression is not envisaged until August 2010. According to the Greek photovoltaics association HELAPCO, existing funding applications are to be approved by the end of 2009. When installed, these systems would have a volume of more than three gigawatts of nominal power. As a result, HELAPCO are currently no longer accepting applications

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