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27.04.2009 Photovoltaics potential in excess of 22
Author:Photovoltaik Magazin Published:2009,4.27, Browse: 1759
Farmers are important dynamos of the German photovoltaics market. The expectation this year is that they will install modules with a total rating of at least 285 megawatts, corresponding to a market share of almost 20%.

Farmers value mainly service alongside attractive yield and good price-performance ratio. These are the key findings of a new study on photovoltaics in agriculture.
Two thirds of farmers have a fundamental interest in acquiring a photovoltaics system.
Agriculture has for years been deemed an important driver of the photovoltaics market. But the search so far for more accurate analysis and up-to-date figures on this customer segment has been to no avail. Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and the federal states in the east of Germany in particular have many roofs on free-standing stable and barns. Financing options for photovoltaics systems in the agricultural sector are good because farmers have relatively favourable access to credit, as the study showed. The 258 machinery syndicates, in which a number of farmers join ranks to share usage of or jointly acquire agricultural machinery more cost-effectively, play an important role in the spread of photovoltaics systems in this sector. As regional contact points and representative bodies of farmers, they have raised both the profile and proliferation of solar power generation amongst farmers.

Source: Photovoltaik Magazin

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